How You Can Unlock Optimal Efficiency With Warehouse AI

Open warehouse with loading docks

How You Can Unlock Optimal Efficiency With Warehouse AI

It’s hard to understate the impact of artificial intelligence across the supply chain industry, and warehouse AI is no different.

If you don’t already see it, there’s a tremendous amount of potential for warehouses to leverage AI to optimize operations. Maybe the idea of AI is new to you or maybe you already get it and want to learn more about using it effectively as a warehouse manager.

Have objections to AI? 

Even if you have objections to AI, we just ask that you read this article with one thing in mind – the optimization of warehouse operations, especially if it can grow your bottom line (more on that later). So, for now, just imagine AI as any software you might choose to improve your operation’s efficiency.

Either way, this blog post will help you learn more about AI’s place in the warehouse and how it can be used to streamline operations, reduce errors, increase safety (and compliance), and overall improve your performance and bottom line. 

Let’s get right into it.

Increasing Accuracy Across Your Operations

There’s nothing more important than accuracy in a warehouse. After all, errors lead to a long list of costly problems like stockouts, shipping delays, detention charges, unhappy customers, and dissatisfied partners.

Thankfully, technology, especially computer vision AI, has come a long way to automate a lot of these processes, reducing the need for repetitive manual tasks and, perhaps more importantly, human error. 

What is AI-driven computer vision? Simply put, it’s the use of cameras paired with AI to analyze and understand visual data, usually in real time. This technology can be used to automate inventory tracking, and quality control, as well as counting and locating inventory, among other features.

This improved accuracy across operations is precisely why logistics leaders like DHL are adopting AI-driven computer vision as an integral part of their operations over the next 5 years. 

Improving Employee Safety with AI

Warehouses can be dangerous places and AI is here to help make it safer. How?

Once again, we turn our attention to computer vision. You already have cameras throughout your warehouse right? Now, imagine those cameras are intelligent enough to detect potential workplace hazards in real-time. You can use this technology to learn a surprising amount of information that you might otherwise have missed, such as:

  • If heavy loads are placed unsafely

  • Walkway blockages

  • Signs of employee fatigue

  • PPE compliance

  • Damaged shipments

  • Improper forklift clearance

  • Poor employee posture

Along the same lines, AI can prove or enhance compliance, and even detect non-compliance in real time so any issues can be addressed immediately. Better compliance leads to fewer incidents, reduced workers comp insurance costs, and safer, happier employees.

Using AI for a More Efficient Warehouse

Warehouse success relies on efficiency. With the right warehouse AI, you can make every step in your process more efficient through machine learning algorithms and predictive analysis. 

In other words, you could optimize inventory management (something that could otherwise be labor-intensive and time-consuming), increase order fulfillment processing (and correctness), and improve coordination across logistics, including things like loading dock scheduling and yard management.

This leads to faster truck turnaround times, more efficient loading and unloading, more productive employees, reduced detention charges, and a better bottom line for your operation. 

But if we’re talking about revenue, you may be wondering if warehouse AI is worth it or not. So, let’s cover that question now.

Is Warehouse AI Worth the Investment?

You might be concerned about the cost of implementing AI and whether or not it would produce a sufficient return on investment (ROI).

If we take all the benefits of using AI into consideration, we’re talking about bringing your operation to the next level in terms of efficiency, safety, accuracy, and compliance. We’re talking about building upon your existing reputation with your shipping partners and customers. We’re talking about satisfied, safe employees who are productive. You’re hitting newer and better revenue goals because your AI-driven process is leading to faster and more accurate order fulfillment and throughput. 

Of course, when it comes to determining the right ROI, you have a lot to take into consideration. We’re not saying that AI is for everybody’s warehouse, but we do think it’s worth thinking about, and maybe even trying out for the right managers. 

In fact, if you’re looking to try warehouse AI, you don’t have to spend a ton in upfront costs just to deploy it. While some options require you to do this in order to use warehouse AI, our solution, Arvist AI, actually uses your existing infrastructure to save you time and money.

How Arvist AI can help 

With Arvist AI, you can bring your warehouse operations to the next level without an expensive and time-consuming implementation process (compared to fully customized warehouse AI options). We do this by utilizing your existing infrastructure, such as the security cameras you already have set up around your warehouse.

Whether you want to track shipments in real time, improve scheduling, or ensure stronger compliance throughout your warehouse, Arvist AI can help you reach your goals through predictive AI and data points. Not only does this mean greater revenue, but more satisfied customers, and the ability to use this data to make more intelligent, informed decisions.

Plus, as you become more efficient (or as you expand your warehouse size as many managers plan to in 2024) and start reaching bigger goals, Arvist AI is designed to scale with you across other applications.

Thinking About Implementing Warehouse AI?

You might be considering how AI can help increase your efficiency and bottom line. If so, you can reach out to us today to walk you through how it works.

Or you might have a lot of questions, especially about artificial intelligence, how it works, or how it can help grow your revenue. If this is you, we’d love to help inform you, as we have worked with warehouse managers for years, and we understand the struggles specific to your position. Reach out today and we’ll be more than happy to help.