Increased Warehouse Productivity

Arvist’s AI platform uses data from security cameras, cell phones and WMS systems to generate real-time insights to improve the throughput of warehouse and distribution centers by optimizing your shipping and receiving operations

Streamline Loading
Dock Operations

Understand loading and unloading times to optimize resources, truck schedules and staffing.

Save upto

200 hrs/mo

Streamline Loading Dock Operations​

  • Faster truck turn around times
  • Loading and Unloading times
  • Automate manual bar code scanning where possible
  • Reduce false claims with load proofs

Over 50% reduction in detention charges

Effective Yard Management

Reduce detention charges with:
•real-time alerts on truck arrivals
•dwell times of trailers
•Identification of inaccurate freight fee claims

Effective Yard Management​

  • Reduce detention charges in real-time
  • Dwell times and idle times of truck trailers
  • Identification of inaccurate freight fee claims
  • Ensure free flow of traffic in the yards

Throughput Analysis

  • Measure and Improve ‘Dock to Stock’ metric
  • Improve employee retention with better throughput incentives
  • Identify resource utilization across the loading docks

Faster Loading Docks = Efficent Warehouse

Accelerate your warehouse operations with Arvist