Arvist joins the Nvidia inception program

The Nvidia Inception program is a virtual accelerator program designed to support startups that are focused on developing and deploying AI and deep learning technologies. The program provides access to NVIDIA’s AI expertise, software, hardware, and deep learning resources, as well as go-to-market support and networking opportunities with other AI-focused startups and investors. Startups that are accepted into the program receive a range of benefits, including discounts on NVIDIA hardware, free software licenses, and access to NVIDIA’s deep learning training resources. They also have the opportunity to connect with NVIDIA’s network of AI experts and receive advice and guidance on technical and business challenges.

We are proud to announce that Arvist is now part of the Nvidia Inception Program and is in the elite company of fast growing startups from around the world utilizing Artificial Intelligence to change their respective industries.

Arvist is providing critical visibility to minimize supply chain disruptions and reduce costs without any new infrastructure costs. Using existing security cameras and combining it with the power of Digital Twin and AI, our proprietary technology can unlock unprecedented visibility into the operations, gaining real-time insights on productivity, safety, and response.

Backed by organizations like Techstars and AlchemistX, and now partnering with the Nvidia Inception Program will give Arvist the tools required to create a world class and cutting-edge solution which can provide real value to the supply chain industry.